Not just a coffee machine

Not just another coffee offering

As a company we think it is fundamental that we continue to innovate. With the full launch of our VARIDESK range of adjustable height desksĀ  in January 2014, we believe that we are doing something that further extends our message of health & well-being. Not just another coffee offering tagged on to a water cooler […]
Bottled Water in a Can

Bottled Water in a Can

The latest from the reliably absurd Japanese comes bottled water in a can. It amused us slightly so thought worth sharing with the world
Eden Springs

Private Equity Funds | The Future of the Water Cooler Industry

The world of water coolers has changed again and the sale in recent months of the two largest water cooler companies to private equity funds marks a new direction for the European & American water cooler leaders. Where will the future of water cooler industry lead us? First on the 17th June was the news […]
Healthy Hydration for Children

Healthy Hydration for Children

Drinking Waters have a strong focus on providing solutions for schools that allow the easy provision of healthy hydration for children. Children and water Only 2 types of drink are strongly recommended for children by health professionals: those are water and milk. For school age children, water is ideal it is a great way to […]
The Water Delivery Company

The Water Delivery Company rebrand complete

One of our oldest and most successful brands online is which was launched back in 2004 after we rebranded Aquome to a sensible name. A DMOZ lister , Yahoo Directory and with a good quality of traffic on a year by year basis, The Water Delivery Company is at the very core of our […]
Home Water Coolers

Home Water Cooler Website Rebranding Completed

Our Home Water Cooler website – – has always been close to our hearts as we started up our business in London in 2003 focusing on the provision of water to homes across London. Although this initial focus on home customers – Aquome – did not continue as our main focus we still retain […]
Under Sink Chillers

Relaunch of Under Sink Chillers website

Drinking Waters is pleased to announce today the relaunch of under sink chillers website – – which we started back in 2006. As we continue the process of bringing all our websites under the core brand of ‘Drinking Waters’ we are taking the time to update the look, feel and content of each individual […]
UK Water Cooler Market

What is the size of the UK water cooler market

An interesting piece was published today on Zenith confirming that the UK water cooler market is shrinking in terms of combined turnover. While there has to be debate in some of the figures quoted in the article (especially the plumbed water cooler – POU – revenue), there is no doubt that this is how most […]

Bottleless website launching in June 2012

Drinking Waters is pleased to be launching a sub-site into their suite of water cooler websites. Bottleless is our new brand for reusable drinking water bottles and will carry a range of bespoke water bottles which can be branded with a company logo should clients require. All new water coolers installed by The Water Cooler […]
Drinking Waters

Drinking Waters

Drinking Waters is launching this site over the next year – as a holding brand for all our water solutions related businesses. We realise that customers purchase a wide variety of products across our websites and to this end are making it easier for customers to purchase goods across our different brands like, […]

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