Not just another coffee offering

As a company we think it is fundamental that we continue to innovate. With the full launch of our VARIDESK range of adjustable height desksĀ  in January 2014, we believe that we are doing something that further extends our message of health & well-being. Not just another coffee offering tagged on to a water cooler base.

TNot just another coffee offeringhe water cooler industry has well-acknowledged concerns about where the next big area of growth is, as the core market for bottled and plumbed water coolers has been a relatively static market in absolute terms over the last few years.

The latest innovation in our suite of offering may seem left field to many but it is very much focused on providing a product range with true benefits to theĀ health & well-being of office staff. This message of well-being has been at the core of our water cooler offering since we launched The Water Delivery Company back in 2003.

We certainly looked at the option of providing coffee machines. On the face of it another repeat order environment seemed attractive and easy to fulfil on a national basis. However there was a nagging doubt about whether it diluted the health message that many customers know us for.

We stumbled across research from the Mayo Clinic in the USA about a new phenomena called sitting disease, which was become an increasing concern as office workers become increasingly tied to their computers. We then started working with an American company who were part of the way towards an innovative solution to the problem

The VARIDESK is an adjustable height desk that sits on-top of your existing office desk and allows workers to shift between working in a standing or sitting position in seconds. There were other solutions on the market but none of them were retro-fit and all of them were very expensive.

We launched our UK VARIDESK website in July 2013 and have been soft launching the product over the last six months. The first movers/customers have been from the educational sector & technology companies, but we have seen a good percentage of our water cooler customers trial the product and then go on to taking out rental contracts with The Water Delivery Company.

Follow the pack at your mercy but don’t be surprised when you end up in an increasingly commoditised market where price becomes the increasingly important differentiator. We are betting that adjustable height desks and an increased focus on well-being will mean our existing water cooler customers see a long term continuity in our offering rather than just another coffee offering

You can view the full range at and read more about the reviews we have been receivedon our customer reviews area.

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton is an established part of the UK water industry and has business interests in drinking water products.

He is actively involved in the self-regulatory associations which work to keep strict standards within the UK hydration industry.

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